Asset & Property Management

The combination of CREDE’s entrepreneurial style, institutional operating platform, and systems result in the highest level of controls and financial reporting with an easily customizable approach to the operations and goals of our clients.

Crede currently manages ~3.5 million square feet of property, including hospitality, industrial, multi-family, office, retail and self storage.

CREDE strives to manage our clients’ properties as though they are our own. Our team understands the importance of operating an efficient property while maintaining tenant satisfaction and maximizing its value. As experienced real estate professionals, we take into account the correlation between property level decisions and the overall impact on the financial strength and marketability of the asset. We offer creative solutions and superior customer care. Our goal is to assist our clients in the development of customized and specific business plans for their investment real estate and then execute on those business plans demonstrating measurable results during the life-cycle of the asset, recognizing that each phase requires different focus and resources.

The CREDE team understands that no two assets are the same, and given specific market conditions, each will need a different approach to management. As real estate professionals with both development and operating expertise, our team is able to evaluate the true status of the project and provide accurate budgets and projections in alignment with the disposition plan. Concurrently, we have on-the-ground resources to manage the property, along with a seasoned management team to ensure execution of the business plan and identify any adjustments that may be necessary due to shifting conditions or information.

CREDE offers a wide range of asset and property management services from which we can create a customized solution for each of our clients investments. Some of these services include:

  • Pre-closing acquisition due diligence
  • Budget development
  • Property business plan development
  • Leasing broker Request For Proposal development, interviews and selection
  • Implementation of most appropriate management practices program
  • Lease administration
  • Review cost-savings opportunities
  • Evaluate cost segregation opportunities
  • Establish banking operations and controls
  • Forecasts and budget preparation
  • Monthly financial reporting to ownership
  • Quarterly asset reports, valuations and other investor reports
  • Appraisal coordination and review
  • Establish preventative maintenance program
  • Tenant retention program and event
  • Vendor, tenant and property insurance tracking
  • Construction management
  • Marketing plans and implementation
  • Broker coordination leasing and disposition
  • Service contract negotiation and administration
  • Fire Life Safety, emergency and disaster planning
  • Tax appeals

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